Fear. Justice. Revenge. Suffer.

I can’t express how proud I am of having this tattoo. It just reminds me of all the sufferings I have been through in life. It’s a simple way of looking back and remembering how much I have grown and learned, how much I became stronger and how much it taught me to stay close to the top. So whenever people try to bring me down, I just look down and smile… Because I can never be pulled down unless I’m on the top. I’m with God, I should fear no one.

So I posted this picture wanting to tell everyone the true meaning behind these inks.


Blinker – symbolizes fear. Everybody has their own greatest fear in life. Mine is not having the most basic love and attention from my loved ones. But I know God will never be that selfish. I should fear no one but Him.

Weighing Scale (Libra Sign) – for justice. I know this word is too technical to use for a very light situation, but I can’t seem to find any word that should be lighter than that. Of course, every victim is in thirst for justice, but not every victim is capable of reaching that. I, myself have been a victim of storms and thunders many times in life. I was judged without being investigated. Though, I wasn’t weak, I was just not strong enough to fight back.

Sword – is for revenge. Vengeance is God’s and I am not in any position to make any revenge at all. I just always keep in mind that God punish all the bad and pour the good ones with full of blessings. I can’t curse anyone, but I can pray to God to curse someone who is worth cursing for. That’s how this sword embrace me whenever someone is dragging me down.

Chain ball – is for suffer. Many and almost everyone of us have suffered a lot in life. We just have our unique stories. This one keeps me strong as it reminds me how I’ve been through. Whenever I’m near to giving up, it knocks my conscience and makes me remember the worst happening in my life; that nothing could be worse than that, that’s why there’s no reason to give up.

I know how most of the people would think with woman or man who have tattoos. For me, having tattoos doesn’t make me any of a bad person (I have three, by the way!), I don’t care how other people thinks of me, if they can’t stand my personality, they’re free to go. They were never invited in the first place. I live to please God alone.

For God so loved the world that he gave his one and only Son, that whoever believes in him shall not perish but have eternal life.” – John 3:16


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