Looking for a natural remedy on hair fall?


Natural Gugo Shampoo with Aloe Vera plus Conditioner
Price: P169 (Buy 1 Take 1)
Where to Buy: All Watsons Store


I remember my childhood days when Papa asks us to tear some aloe vera plant for him and apply it into his scalp to prevent hair fall. I also remember having the best and refreshing shampoo back then, the “Aloe Vera Shampoo”. I love how it smells and how it provides natural vitamins into my virgin hair back when I was still a little girl. The smell of the shampoo, I always remember but never found any dupe or exact same product until I found this!

Thanks to our former helper, May! When she was still living with us, her hair falls uncontrollably. My boyfriend’s mom tried to look for a shampoo that would prevent her hair from falling and found this Natural Gugo at Watson’s. I never really paid attention to it because I never wanted to use something for my hair or skin and any product that is not well-known, simply because I don’t want to risk it. Even though I have heard improvements from them, I still didn’t mind it. Until….

My boyfriend has a very sensitive scalp, if the shampoo he uses is not suitable for him, his head will be total itchy and irritating that is why his mom suggested for him to use this shampoo. At first, he felt so satisfied and said that it totally cleans his entire hair and scalp. Never he experienced any itching or irritating feel when he started using the shampoo. So enough reason to try it out myself.

The first time I used it, I literally had flashback of my childhood memories. Haha! But seriously, I did! It just took time for me to realize that the scent is the same with the Aloe Vera shampoo we used back when I was still a little girl! So then, I started using it! For the first few weeks, I just used it alone, without any conditioner or so. Yes, it does clean my hair very well and it has very refreshing and relaxing scent. But not enough to provide moisture into my hair. So when my hair dries up from washing, it feels a little stiff, for the reason I didn’t use any conditioner at all. With this, I decided to conditioned my hair, I used Tresemme’ Smooth & Shine Conditioner. And surprisingly, it is a perfect match! My hair is better than ever! It is well moisturized, to the point that it does not grease. Smells very good too! I’m obsessed with things that smells so good so the combination I made is absolutely perfect! The natural scent of the shampoo plus the classy smell of the conditioner, amazing!

I’ve had hair falls but not as severe as our former helper had. But days after days of using the shampoo, I notice that my hair fall is now less. I usually have a large number of hair on my brush after using it, but for the past few days, I only see a few. So yes, this shampoo really helps in preventing hair fall. Another point for that!

Here’s some more reviews:


  1. It is very affordable. You will get two bottles for only P169.
  2. It is natural, as it claims.
  3. It smells so good and refreshing.
  4. Can help prevent hair fall, dandruff and itchiness.
  5. Does not have a strong chemical content so it will not damage your naturally beautiful hair.


  1. Because it is natural, a small amount is not enough for a thick hair. You’ll need to get a small amount at first, rinse, then apply another amount for the satisfaction of cleaning, but it always depends on you. Remember not to apply too much.
  2. It is not always available. So I always get as much as I can when they have stocks. Tip: Stocks ran out quickly.
  3. Could have been better if the packaging comes with a pump, but could I ask for more for the price?

So for those who’s having hair fall issues, scalp issues, itchiness and anyone who is looking for a natural remedy into their hair problems, I think this is the product for you. Then pair it with your favorite conditioner for more glorious effect!

Note: This is not paid, I bought the products from my own pocket.


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