A Day at Zoobic Safari, Subic

It’s such a nice day when we decided to pull it off and go up North!

Hello hello Zoobic Safari! I’ve been longing to see you! Of course, you are the one and only tiger safari in my lovely country.
It took us around 5-6hrs to get there since we are coming all the way from South (Batangas). We were a bit lost in the vicinity of Ortigas, so that’s additional minutes of travel. Unluckily, we forgot to bring our dear Garmin GPS. Everybody is really bad with directions except for me, it’s just that, that time, my boyfriend, who is driving just told me that, he knew the way so I didn’t bother, but still, we got lost. LOL. So lesson learned, always ALWAYS bring Garmin with us specially with trips like this. Oh by the way, we took off at around 9:00 in the morning, so yea it’s really late. Haha!
So finally, we got to the entrance of SCTEX! Yey!
So here’s the picture of my exhausted from driving boyfriend. Hihi ❤
Aside from a very convenient and fastest way to get to Subic, SCTEX is aslo known for it’s beautiful scenery so it’s really worth the ride. Of course I did not miss the chance of taking some pictures.
As someone who entirely lived her life in Manila, I really appreciate any place where it is pollution-free. I loves seeing mountains! I just don’t know, but there’s something about mountains that amaze me. That’s why I really love living here in Batangas.
It’s just sad that there are mountains need to be compromised for the benefit of us humans. 😦
After some hours on the road, it is a relief to know we’re getting there! Hooray!


There’s is a landmark along SCTEX that I find memorable.
Remember the Coke TV commercial “Karl Kalabaw”? There’s a group of teenagers inside the car passing by a tunnel while ditching someone singing, “Karl Kalabaw Karl Kalabaw”. LOL 😀
That’s the tunnel down there. 🙂
Here’s a shot from the inside.
So, we passed through the highways and now we’re on the forest! Haha!
I thought once we passed SCTEX we’re pretty near Zoobic Safari but it took us another 30 minutes to get there, with the “getting lost” part of course.

Almost there!

I smiled when I see that there is a butterfly garden right in front of Zoobic Safari but became sad as soon as I found out that it’s closed  for reasons I don’t know. 😦 So I just stared from outside trying to sneak up on some butterflies, well of course I didn’t see any.
Whew! We’re FINALLY here! ❤
Some entrance pictures with boyfriend’s mom and sister. 🙂
For the outfit, I’d suggest you wear a sporty attire since it really gets dusty around the area. Otherwise, a sneakers would be really useful.
Tiger stuffed toy at the souvenir shop from the entrance.
While waiting for our batch’s tour, there are some tigers roaming inside their cage around the waiting area. Something to check up on, so you won’t get tired of waiting for your tour guide. 😉
So after around 10-15 minutes, our tour guide arrived and gave us an overview of our itinerary.
First stop: Serpentarium
I’m not really a fan of reptiles so I didn’t enjoy much of this tour.

Second Stop: Animal Show

It took around 20mins before the show starts.


At first, I thought it would be really be boring since it started with these mascots dancing.

But the second part of the show did catch my attention.

It was the Aeta’s performing their traditional dance.
I find it amusing since it was the first time I get to watch such.
And then now the animals! I mean, real animals!
Take note, while these animals were up for a show, there’s this crazy funny music that collided with the parade. So it turned out to be really fun!

Third Stop: Aviary and Rodent World


We were excited for the Tram Ride as this is the highlight of the entire tour.
Fourth Stop: Zoobic Cave
Here’s where you can find creepy stuffed animals.
Fifth Stop: Savannah
This is the part where I am excited the most. A close-up view with the Tigers. Rawr!
Zoobic Safari is selling fresh chicken for P200 per one whole to feed the tigers. We didn’t opted to buy since the people we were with inside the jeep already bought one.
The ride took us less than 10 minutes.
It was indeed a rough road. Very dusty! I don’t recommend this for people who have asthma. Everyone of us gotten sick for a couple of days after our Zoobic Safari tour. Not just because it was really tiring but we’re pretty sure it was because of the Savannah ride.
This part of the tour was very disappointing or maybe I was expecting too much.
I thought there would be a bunch of tigers around the area to feed on. But it turned out there are only two of them and the other one were too lazy. Look.
Good thing we didn’t buy any chicken to feed them.
Outside Savannah you can find several souvenir shops.
My boyfriend bought me this little cute pink pig stuffed toy from one of the souvenir shops. Hihi ❤
Now off to a much closer encounter with the tigers!
We were instructed by our tour guide to stay away from the tigers because they might pea on us. The smell of their pea lasts for several days even if you wash it. So better stay away. HAHA!
It’s also nice to know that these tigers were donated by the Prime Minister of UAE.
They were once a pet of the princesses and later donated to the Philippines.
Cool isn’t it?
Seventh Stop: Zoobic Park
This is one of my most favorite part of the tour.
It felt like passing by a dessert full of these animals! Hilarious!
There was another part of the tour that we almost skipped. We were really really exhausted but I decided to get in to that cave since this is the only chance that I get to see it, so better not miss it. Unfortunately, due to the obvious reason that we were simply tired. We didn’t take anymore pictures from it. It’s just basically a cave with dead animal’s bone.
Picture from outside the cave.
Second to the final stop: Aeta trail & show
 Another part that I enjoyed much is the log jump.
 The Final and Last stop of the tour!!!

My Overall Verdict


I give it a four out of five. I loved everything except for Savannah. I think it would have been better if they untamed more tigers in the area. But the rest is just wonderful. I’m not really a fan of animals but this entire tour made me one.

This entire experience is great for families! I am certain that kids would really enjoy this!
Though I’m not really going back in there unless there are new attractions. They also have night safari, but I’m not going to try it really. Apart from the place being so freaky at night, I don’t find it safe since there is only few streetlights on the road.


Most of the staff that I encounter are well trained and polite. They’re all very helpful. Though there are some point that they try to lead people into buying their goods like the photo opportunity, etc. But in way that they are not forcing you.

Our tour guide seems to be trained very well. Average communication skills. She speaks clearly that everyone would understand. She appears knowledgeable that even though there are times that people doesn’t show interest in listening to what she’s saying, she manages to continue and catch everyone’s attention.


I wasn’t able to use the comfort rooms but I heard that they’re clean and well maintained. It’s also zoo-themed which sounds creepy for me. LOL.


I must admit, the location is quite far from what I have expected. It’s really far from the city. But what I find interesting is that, it’s all worth it!


Just make sure that you’re all geared and well planned before getting there. It’s a plus when it’s hassle free.

Wear something very comfortable as it really gets dusty in there. I’m not a sneaker person but I found it very convenient wearing one. Also, bring some extra clothes so you could change after the tour.

Bring loads of drinking water specially during summer.


Php 495 – Adult
Php 395 – Kids 4 ft. and below
Free – Kids 3 ft. and below

Note: Purchase tickets online to avail 10% discount.

Operating hours:
We are open DAILY including HOLIDAYS
Park Hours : 8 am – 4 pm (last admission of guests)

Website: http://www.zoobic.com.ph/