YouTube Make-up Gurus

Lately, I have been hooked in watching make up tutorials on YouTube, from learning different techniques and all that stuff. I must admit, I have learned and still learning a lot from them. From that Queen Amidala look, up to Kim Kardasian look! LOL, I’m just kidding.. But seriously, I can say that I have totally leveled up in terms of applying make up in the most perfect way. They are 99.9% helpful. There aren’t much make up school here in the Philippines, there are some but they get a little bit too pricey. There are also workshops that provides training for basic and advanced make up application, but just like me, not everybody has time for that. Thank beauties for these gorgeous make up guru’s on YouTube! who are very generous of sharing their wonderful skills to everyone! And take note: FOR FREE! That’s just perfect, isn’t it? So I decided to share my inspirations here. I know there are way too many good make up gurus on YouTube but here are my favorites as of the moment:

Noe Mae Villagonzalo of Color is my Weapon

Ana Patricia Victorino of Make up by Ana Patricia

Michelle Phan

Goss Makeup Artist

Makeup Geek TV


Michelle Dy


How about you? Who is your inspiration?


Make-Up Haul (Philippine Local Cosmetics)

I have always been a fan of make up, ever since I was just little girl. Until I get a job, that’s the time I buy my own make up, because my mom usually does.
At my first make up haul, I find my interest in buying Revlon products. Not just because of its popularity but I heard that some of their products will suit my very sensitive and oily skin. I spent more than P3,000 for 4 items from Revlon. It contained foundation, eyeliner, concealer and lipstick. Will do a separate review on that.

With me being obsessed in acquiring the skills of a make up artist, I have been watching and really watching and watching almost every make up tutorial I can find on YouTube. With that, I fell in love with the local beauty gurus. I found my obsession really worth it after watching tons of tutorials made by my fellow beautiful Filipinos. I have never been a fan of local products until after then. I never realized that they are as good as the most expensive brands you can find at Rustans. Now thanks to my obsession! I was able to buy a lot, as in a lot of make up items worth P3,000! And they are as good and even better than those overpriced products from the same department stores!

So here’s my first make up haul of our very own cosmetic lines. This is something to be proud of! Though, I really have nothing against any expensive brands, I agree, they are all beautiful and amazing! I still use them, of course. But forgive me, I just can’t get enough of admiring these local products! I am just happy that I don’t need to spend a dime to get each and every make up I wanted to have to get that perfect look!

So here I took a picture of my latest haul:



Here’s the product list:

  1. Elf Countouring Blush & Bronzer
  2. Elf Mineral Infused Face Primer
  3. Elf Eyelash Curler
  4. Elf Flat Top Powder Brush
  5. Elf Mineral Powder Blush
  6. Ever Bilena Color Pencil in Brown
  7. Ever Bilena Studio Finish Stick Foundation
  8. Maybelline Pure Liquid Mineral Liquid Foundation
  9. Jazzy Eyebrow Gel
  10. Dolly Wink Eyebrow Gel
  11. Nichido Eyeshadow in Snow
  12. Nichido Eyeliner in Beige
  13. L.A. Girl Pro Conceal
  14. L.A. Girl Pro Primer
  15. L.A. Girl Mineral Pressed Powder
  16. Fanny Serrano Two-Way Cake Foundation in Oriental
  17. Chifure Foundation in #34
  18. Etude House Oh’mEye Line Liquid Eyeliner
  19. Etude House Easy Brow Pencil in Dark Brown
  20. Etude House Lipstick
  21. Revlon Just Bitten Kissable Tinted Balm in Smitten

I have been using most of them for a week now, hopefully a review of each of it. Soon xx